Stages of Investing

During your financial life, most of us will encounter three different and distinct stages or phases. However far along on your financial voyage you are, GCAM Limited has you covered with services and solutions to address your needs and ensure the journey is a smooth one.


At this stage in life, wealth is being gathered and grown, and new responsibilities are being taken on. Maybe a new business enterprise is in its first stages of growth, or your career is blossoming. Perhaps a new or bigger house is on the horizon to accommodate a growing young family.

GCAM Limited helps those in the accumulating phase to develop a plan to protect and increase growing wealth, which, in turn, enables you to manage your responsibilities more efficiently.


Pre-Retirement is a critical phase. There may be concerns about planning for long term care, inflation eating into your retirement nest egg, the cost of healthcare, or how to avoid draining savings. While some pre-retirees will choose to continue working well into their “retirement years” because they enjoy what they do, for others, it may mean an uncomfortable time facing the realities of the amount of money that has been saved. Remove the worry of uncertainty and allow GCAM Limited to help you implement a financial plan so that “retirement years” can be enjoyed to the full - the way you choose and not the way your finances dictate.


After working hard your whole life, and saving so that retirement can be enjoyed to its fullest, GCAM Limited will help you plan and invest so that you live your best life in your later years. We help guide you through spending plans, pensions, charitable giving, and ultimately transferring your wealth. We look at how you can use all that you have accumulated in your younger years to live the life you want for yourself in retirement.