Specialist Services

Sometimes additional services are required to handle unique or one-off needs. GCAM Limited offers a range of specialist services to cater to these unusual or less frequently called upon needs.

Family Businesses

When to start planning for succession, structuring philanthropic gifting and protecting existing wealth are all areas our GCAM Limited specialists assist clients with.

Universally considered as the powerhouse of the global economy, family businesses need to plan to ensure multigenerational, long-term success.

Robust and successful family businesses are characterized by careful planning and open communication. With specialist advice and support from GCAM Limited, your family business will continue to thrive long into the future.

Philanthropic Services

We work together with clients and their families to establish enduring positive impacts on the causes they care about as at GCAM Limited, we believe wealth is far more than managing money. With extensive international experience working with clients from many varied cultures, GCAM Limited’s Philanthropic Service incorporates all aspects of philanthropic and social investment.

Wealth Succession

How will your business handle the passing of the reins to its next stewards? We can help you prepare the next generation for the obligations they will inherit – and, by doing so, help protect wealth for many future generations to come.

We have experience helping and advising clients and their families in the sometimes sensitive area of wealth succession and strive for a smooth and expedient transfer of wealth. GCAM Limited experts work together with clients and their families to identify the correct time and methods of transferring wealth. Wealth succession planning can be challenging, but with a clear and well-planned approach, it can be simplified and eliminate family anxieties.