Nonprofits, Endowments & Institutions

When managing investments on behalf of nonprofits, endowments, and institutions, GCAM Limited uses the same individualized approach as we do when managing assets for individuals and families. We conduct in-depth research and analysis, and produce robust data-driven results in a simple and straightforward reporting format.

Each of our team members has more than ten years of professional experience, managing assets and investments for various nonprofits, endowments, and institutions.

Investment Policy Statement Review

GCAM Limited provides advice to enhance your investment policy statement or update it as your board members structure evolves.

Best Practices

Because of our involvement with many other boards, GCAM Limited can provide clients with an insight into the best practices employed by other similar nonprofits, endowments, and institutions to help ensure the most efficient strategies and methods for managing your assets are in place.


GCAM Limited will offer advice and guidance on the setting of governance policies and monitoring and implementation strategies for your board.

Administrative Support

All clients are assigned a dedicated team, which includes administrative support, who will assist with continuity of practice, and be available whenever needed for advice and guidance.