Investment Management

At GCAM Limited, we appreciate that each client we manage investments for has their own requirements, aims, and goals. After establishing those needs and determining the attitude and tolerance to risk, we employ our proven methodology to create unique portfolios. Life continually evolves, so it should follow that your portfolio is not set in stone and has the flexibility to change in line with your personal circumstances. Regular communication ensures that investments remain aligned with client needs.

We use information gleaned by conducting both fundamental and technical analysis to choose the most suitable investments for each client portfolio after undertaking a thorough vetting process. Keeping abreast of new technologies and market trends helps us to discover new and emerging investment opportunities. We have found that being flexible and attentive when managing investments benefits our clients most and helps us to ensure we remain aligned with their investment objectives and needs.

We believe in using individual company stocks as our primary method of entering the financial markets as they offer a greater understanding of the world around us and the companies that are going to drive the global economy for years to come.

Even though our preference is for individual company stocks, the associated volatility and risks do not match every client’s needs, so we also use ETFs (exchange-traded funds) and other investment vehicles to provide appropriate diversification for clients. We do not believe in timing the market, preferring to make adjustments when trends or economic fundamentals change demand action.

At GCAM Limited, we believe that selecting investments that suit the client’s attitude to risk and objectives will lead to clients investing with us over longer timeframes.