Discretionary Portfolio Services


Everyone has their own investment goals, needs, and requirements which tend to change as life evolves and time passes by. As with people, the investment environment changes over time, presenting new opportunities that did not previously exist. Governments change, as do the economic winds, new trends and technologies emerge and old established ways of doing things are replaced with new methods and solutions. Our Discretionary Portfolio Service gives clients the reassurance that their investments are always being monitored and that necessary action is being taken to steer them closer to their goals.

What are discretionary investment portfolios?

Giving an investment manager the flexibility and authority to act swiftly and decisively on behalf of clients on a day-to-day basis means that action can be taken without the unnecessary delays that might arise if permission was needed before acting.

The investment manager will act in a manner in line with the client’s underlying needs, requirements, and goals and will make adjustments according to market and economic changes as well as changes in personal circumstances.

High touch service

Each GCAM Limited client has a dedicated Investment Manager who will create, manage and maintain their personalized investment portfolio. Frequent conversations will discuss changes to personal investment objectives and consider individual attitudes and tolerances to risk. In addition to the scheduled communications, you will have direct access to your Investment Manager to discuss your investments and goals whenever you want.


GCAM Limited Investment Managers have, on average, almost two decades of investment expertise under their belts. This means all clients are assured of the attention of a seasoned investment manager who has a profound understanding of a wide range of investment possibilities and a discretionary arrangement in place that empowers Investment Managers to maximize the full potential of all investment opportunities.