Corporate Responsibility

As an organization, we strive hard to be conscientious and responsible investors. We understand that our actions have an impact on both the environment and society in general.

Investing Responsibly

As a financial organization, we recognize our company’s impact on society, the environment, and the locations in which we operate. How we invest our clients’ money is one of the searching questions we seek to answer when employing our fiduciary duties on behalf of clients and helping them realize their financial ambitions. Our approach considers all material factors that make up our overall Responsible Investing remit, including those concerning Environmental, Social, and Governance (ESG) matters.

Inclusion And Diversity

At GCAM Limited, inclusion and diversity are central to our business success. By nurturing an environment that embraces diverse perspectives, we become better investors and better problem solvers. By supporting diversity, we foster creativity and collaboration, and a more diverse, inclusive workplace helps us to be better listeners. Also, inclusion and diversity are values that attract, improve, and retain an outstanding workforce.

Financial Education

GCAM Limited pursues ways to share investment knowledge with our clients and the broader community to help improve understanding and familiarity of the financial world.

We communicate our expertise with our clients through educational insights and articles, which aim to help our audience make better financial decisions instead of merely pushing our services. We are especially proud of our work to improve the financial education of children.

Volunteer Work

We support our staff to play an active role in the communities in which they live and work, such as by taking part in community volunteering activities.

Global Charities

We also donate to worthy causes that are in line with our own corporate culture and values and those that help children maximize their possibilities. Each year GCAM Limited allocates a budget to match staff donations to global charities for worthy causes.

Other Fundraising

We make donations to various local charities in Asia in addition to the International Federation of Red Cross and Red Crescent Societies.

We organize a series of volunteer days each year, where our staff takes part in events such as repairing schools, encouraging children to be more involved in physical activity, and renovating gardens in housing projects.

Once a year, we have an awareness week to generate funds for a charity chosen by our workforce. Since 2014, GCAM Limited and our staff has donated over HKD233,000 (USD35,000) to charities that were picked by our team, and every October, our offices go into pink mode to raise awareness and funds to support those affected by cancer.

We have also set ourselves environmental objectives to reduce our water usage, emissions, and waste, and have significantly reduced our carbon footprint by reducing business travel and installing low energy use lighting.