Bespoke Portfolios

Portfolios as individual as our clients

Each bespoke portfolio is designed and managed under the guidance of a dedicated senior investment professional.

GCAM Limited believes that when you invest with us, we become your partner. This means that we will craft unique portfolios that match your individual needs. We do not believe in standard portfolio models in the same way that we don’t have standard clients. While tax and transaction costs are considered, we believe that staying on course and making the right decisions from an investment perspective overrides other considerations.

Good judgment and market perspective steer the management of each GCAM Limited client’s portfolio. We offer our many years of collective investment expertise to succeed in achieving each client’s personal goals.

Diversification plays a central role in providing stability and generating healthy returns from carefully chosen asset classes. Strategic asset allocation and periodic reviews and adjustments ensure that each portfolio continues to meet each client’s unique investment strategy and appropriate portfolio structure, according to prevailing market conditions.

Performance is benchmarked against the individual client’s particular aims and can be measured against the specific asset classes that comprise the portfolio.

We are sensitive to tax efficiency, but tax considerations do not drive investment decisions, although our clients’ post-tax returns and varying tax circumstances are considered, subject to necessity and practicality. Our lower trading turnover rate minimizes excessive capital gains, and we are also happy to work alongside our clients’ tax representatives when appropriate.

Portfolio reporting is tailored to each client, but all enjoy the simplicity of online access to view their holdings and transactions at any time, day or night, whichever time zone they reside in.

A free and open two-way dialogue helps us to provide a superior level of client satisfaction. The day-to-day management of each portfolio is an ongoing and dynamic process as each client’s portfolio must reflect changes in client circumstances and adapt to the subtleties of the market. Regular and open two-way communication with clients enables us to respond quickly and decisively in both the management of their investments and the standards of service we deliver.