About Us

Why we are different

At GCAM Limited, the close working relationships we enjoy with our clients, our flexibility, research expertise, and consistent investment performance all help to differentiate us from many of our peers. This winning combination is the blueprint we have adopted since the company was founded and is one that clients and their families discover makes us a reliable and trusted investment partner for the long term.


Client needs are our top priority, and our impartial and unconstrained approach assists us in creating investment portfolios that are highly customized to client needs and requirements. We are free to customize client portfolios and select the investments most appropriate to client needs, whether that be a desire for growth, income, or capital protection. And, as we generate consistently better outcomes than the average, clients know we will work hard to meet or exceed their expectations.

Experience and dependability

The GCAM Limited team is built around a team of highly experienced investment professionals who together create genuinely customized investment solutions, many of whom have been with us for over a decade. This permanency gives clients confidence in the level of continuity, stability, and expertise they will receive. We value long-term relationships highly and have pride in delivering a service that leads to excellent loyalty from our staff and our clients. GCAM Limited also has an excellent reputation and significant resources behind us, which means that we can offer our clients an additional degree of security and integrity.

A long-term perspective

Our investment process is designed to increase and protect your wealth over the long term and to outperform market benchmarks consistently. Each client works closely with their investment manager to establish needs, requirements, time horizons, priorities, and attitudes to risk.

Expert research capability

The keystone of our company, our research team works to ensure we have up to the second market information, to deliver our clients with the most proactive and suitable investment strategies in place.

We research financial markets globally to identify the best investment opportunities, aiming to meet your aspirations, whether your priority is growth, income, or capital protection.

Our clients' needs and expectations influence the investment policy we implement for each individual portfolio, but rest assured that our advice will be impartial and absent of corporate interference at all times.

Investment process

Clients benefit from the collaborative skills and experience of our talented investment managers and the thorough analysis provided by our enthusiastic research team.

Our investment process is:

  • Responsive - in keeping ahead of today’s ever-evolving financial markets
  • Adaptable - in taking individual needs and requirements into account
  • Dynamic - in its foresight of market trends and upcoming technologies


Provides online access to clients so it is always apparent and clear if any transactions are in progress or have recently taken place and also see the prices and valuations of their holdings. Any further queries can be directed to dedicated investment managers, who can be contacted by email or telephone.